Rugby Saturday

Friday, July 02, 2021 - By: Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

Saturday, May 29th, marked the first and final intramural game for the Senior Boys Rugby squad for the 2020-21 season, while the Senior Girls Rugby team went head-to-head with the Junior Boys.

Although unable to travel the Island and the Mainland for matches (amidst the mayhem of the Covid-19 pandemic) the boys and girls were in full spirit out on Gillespie Field. Rain or shine, you will never miss Brentwood’s rugby teams playing the game they love. Team huddles, and intimidating pre-game cheers, set the tone for what was to come next.

The intensity was high, and the sidelines were filled with students and teachers - while a dozen parents looked on from the parking lot above the west end of the pitch - just off campus. Within the first minutes of the games, screaming left, right and center from the boys and girls on the pitch, made it clear that although this was a match within Brentwood’s community, the players were eager to showcase their competitiveness.

With all of the chaos caused by the pandemic, it has been impossible to enjoy watching live sports as we all have in the past. This afternoon, however, some sense of normality was present which furthered the excitement felt by not only the players, but us fans as well. It was “a great game, and it felt really nice to have some fans cheering us on. It almost felt like life at Brentwood was back to normal” said Cooper J, Rogers ‘21.

As the games came to an end, Jack S, Whittall ‘25 noted that he had “lots of fun playing the Senior Girls Team”.  As the year is wrapping up, the rugby teams are eagerly looking forward to a good summer and a return to the pitch in the fall.

Lucca P, Whittall ‘22


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