Rugby in the Rain

Friday, November 02, 2012 -

Thrilling excitement was everywhere as we got ready to play SMUS a second time. We got a rematch against SMUS!

Unfortunately, we did not win, but we did have a ton of fun at our first away game. We had done a great job improving many of our skills since our first game. We did a lot better in our scrums and we did a way better job passing the ball.

One element that made us struggle was the chillingly cold rain which was flooding down from the sky. The score at the end was 5 tries to none but just because we didn’t win doesn’t mean we didn’t have a lot of fun doing it.
We can’t wait for our next game, one that we just might win, against St Georges at home this Saturday at 1:00 on Gillespie Field.

Grant K, Privett, ‘16

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