Rowing Into A New Season

Friday, September 22, 2017 - By: Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18; Photo by Chaya N, Mackenzie '20

As we welcomed the new Head of Rowing, Ms. Laryssa Biesenthal, this week, the athletes underwent a baseline fitness test that has been created by RFA Mr. D’Orazio. All rowers in the program took part in a series of six tests that monitored progress for individuals looking to row. The baseline test measures individuals’ movement experience and transferability as well as identifies areas of improvement. 

The test consisted of a medicine ball toss, for maximum distance, a standing long jump, squats per minute, a storke test, a hip flexion assessment, and for the more advanced, a flexed arm hang. The results from these exercises will be used to develop and identify athletes with attributes that are important to the sport of rowing. 

Mr. D’Orazio has used his diploma in fitness and health promotion, Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, and Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning Coaching to design this program. He explained that based on his previous experiences with coaching at the South Niagara Rowing Club and strength and conditioning for the Tipperary minor hurlers (hurling is a Gaelic game in Ireland) he was able to combine tests that fulfilled the needs required to perform in the sport of rowing. Mr. D’Orazio also explained that it was necessary to have exercises that were easy to coach and could be used to distinguish differences in ability. 

As the rowing program looks forward to another great year, we welcome our new athletes and coaches. 

Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18

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