Rowing Camp 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - By: Zoe N, Mackenzie ‘17

30 dedicated rowers came back early from our much-needed Spring Break to participate in the rowing training camp. The camp took place on Shawnigan Lake at the rowing home of our local rivals, Shawnigan Lake School. 

The first day we rigged our boats and went out for a row where we endured some near-death experiences due to the rough water. After that, we rowed approximately three times a day over the course of six days and trained with Shawnigan for a couple of the rows, which was a great chance to scope out the competition. 

Camp is the perfect opportunity to train in boats that we would not otherwise have the opportunity to row in when we are part of a bigger group. Camp also allows us to have a smaller athlete-to-coach ratio so we can focus on specific individual corrections.

Even though we were very busy rowing, we had the opportunity to go down to Victoria where the coaches organized The Amazing Race Brentwood rowing style. We were separated into teams and raced around downtown Victoria and had pit stops on the way before ultimately having two teams tie for first place. 

After The Amazing Race we traveled down to the SMUS boathouse to watch the annual Brown Cup, a duel race between UVIC and UBC. We also visited the Duncan pool where got to relax our muscles in the hot tub and play in the wave pool.

Thank you very much to Shawnigan Lake School for allowing us to use their facilities and train with them. Thank you also to all the host families for taking in the athletes for the camp and lastly thanks very much to Mr. Wood, Mrs. Amiel, Mr. Carr, Mr. Wismer, Mrs. Sage, and Warren Featherstone for all that they do and for coming back to work early to coach and train us!

Zoe N, Mackenzie ‘17

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