Thursday, July 28, 2022 - By: Steven Gaisbichler, Rogers House Captain ‘22

Each September, young men step into Rogers for the first time with a powerful concoction of excitement and nervousness in their hearts. The ‘21-’22 school year was no different except this time 26 new crew members were welcomed by a slightly larger 31 returning veterans. This left us with a good challenge on our hands to set the right tone and turn the new lads into proper Rogers gentlemen. There was plenty of fun to be had in Orientation which flew by in what felt like nanoseconds. All the classic games were present: ice breakers such as speed dating with Allard house, duck-duck-goose and, of course, ultimate frisbee which Nathan Carter ‘24 might remember the best after putting his all into the game and ending up with a beautiful battle wound on the side of his face. Also, The famous R.A.D. tradition of the boys singing “Love Story” by Taylor Swift whilst handing a rose to a lucky Allard gal was present in Orientation. I’m sure this marvellous tradition will be anticipated by both houses for years to come.

Although the interhouse competition has gone about the same this year as other years for Rogers, so has the impeccable spirit of the house. Rogers can be described as kind, helpful and steady. Assistant House Captain Buchannon Fritz ‘22 says “The authentic character of the house can be felt bouncing and reverberating through each and every hall and room. It’s always great to be around a group of people that genuinely cares about each other”. The strange yet remarkable traditions of Rogers’ house have a humbling effect on a young man’s ego. “Happy Birthday” being yelled so loud at you that your ears start ringing rather than sung pleasantly has quite the toughing effect on a young Rogers lad. The house is also a beacon for all sorts of academic help; whether it be in chemistry, math or Spanish.

The boys are proud of the safe and welcoming environment we have fostered but it wouldn’t be possible without a little guidance from the amazing Houseparents and duty staff. Mr Thompson offers compassion and great rugby advice. Mr Snow, the fearless Admiral, has led the ship through some tough times and is always great to talk to. Rogers also got a great addition to the crew this year with BFA Mr Millar; the other boys and I have thoroughly enjoyed his relatability, positivity and company. The duty staff also has been a huge help. Mr Griffiths on Mondays always keeps the lads environmentally conscious. Tuesday, Mrs Ramundi is always willing to give a helping hand in math and  science and makes wonderful cookies. For the first half of the year, Wednesdays are accompanied by Mr Prokopchuk who is the Head of Math and offers incredible life advice. For the second half of the year, Mr Hernandez also offers great life advice and incredible language help. Thursday, Mr Ross tells the boys all about the current rowing drama whilst keeping us in check. And finally Friday, the beloved and ever-graceful Mrs Whitney blesses us with her presence; she is always a welcomed addition to our Rogers family.

Words cannot express the immense feeling of gratitude I have for the people I met throughout my last four years at Rogers.

Steven Gaisbichler, Rogers House Captain ‘22

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