Rogers Ahoy

Wednesday, September 09, 2015 - By: Kris Laurion, House Captain; Photo by Brynn Alexander, Yearbooker Extraordinaire

For the 12s, our time spent in Rogers is over. The ship we once stepped foot on will now be forcing us to disembark. Since the first day of orientation, the Rogers boys have welcomed everyone onto the ship, showing compassion and trust, and leaving with never-ending friendships.

A sense of pride lingers all through the halls. Whether it is preparing frantically for #1s, listening carefully to Mr. Snow during meetings, or even just seeing the boys wear the flag around school, we are in it together. Rogers is much more than just a flag with crossbones; inside is a place where boys come and truly find themselves. Housemates never doubt their Rogers brothers and everyone has common goals and a belief that anything is possible. The vibes and mood in the house are unlike anywhere else on campus. Our Allard girls have been amazing, and, without a doubt, the best sister house. Many friends and study partners were made with Allard.

As Captain, I couldn’t have asked for a more exceptional team of twelves to work with. The group had many unique artistic abilities, sports, experiences, and personalities. This was only possible with the support of all the duty staff. Throughout the year, they gave so much of their free time and nurtured us to growth. Many nights were spent getting advice from Mr. Hernandez, long talks with Mr. Beatty, laughs shared with Mr. Armitage, and wisdom gained from Mr. DeSandoli. Bringing everything together are the true captains of the Rogers ship, Mr. Snow and Mr. Thompson, who have steered our vessel, even on our most stormy nights. Merging into a full house next year won’t be easy, but we are all confident the younger crew members will keep the ship on course. Time has now been swept away, but every moment has been cherished and Rogers will continue the legacy that lives through us all.

In Rogers we believe that “The crest and crowning of all good, life's final star, is brotherhood.” Kris Laurion, House Captain

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