Rockin’ Regatta

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - By: Zjaya D, Allard ‘19

With the 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta well underway, the campus has been transformed into a frenzied atmosphere, with students, athletes, and spectators here to enjoy an incredible weekend! The heart of the action is on Founder’s Plaza, overlooking the water, where there are vendor booths, fantastic food, and live entertainment from a series of talented musicians! The weekend will showcase incredible musical talents, as Brentwood students take the stage to perform in front of the thousands of people visiting our campus! 

The live entertainment began Saturday morning with some smooth jazz performances from the ensemble of the musically gifted Ben R, Benjamin S, Samuel S & Jeremy H. These young men have been dedicated to the music programs at Brentwood, and amazed the crowd with their melodies, creating a light, happy atmosphere!

Also bringing their sets to the stage is the Advanced Rock Band, taught by Mr Scott McGill. This incredible group has put together a series of song covers that will be enjoyed by everyone. We enjoyed hearing their performances of “Sweet Child of Mine”, “Jump”, “Crazy Train”, “Undo It”, and “Hold the Line”. These favourites were great for all audience members to come on down to the Plaza, listen to the music, and sing along! Senior guitarist, Graeme M, who has been in the Rock Band Program since Grade 9, says “There’s almost nothing better than playing for the crowd at Regatta. There is so much excitement and support, and it’s a great feeling to know you’re contributing to the incredible atmosphere.” 

Additionally, a crowd favourite, a trio from Brentwood’s ‘19 graduating class, Ben S, Axel E, and Jeremy H, is performing for the final time in their Brentwood careers. These three guys never fail to thrill the crowd with their smooth singing, impressive guitar riffs, and exciting beats on the drums! “It’s a great place to showcase the music that you’ve been working so hard at” says Jeremy. “Plus, the atmosphere is great and the food is too.”

Zjaya D, Allard ‘19

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