Robbie - Our Mack Dad

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - By: Emily P, Mack ‘22

Robbie (Mr Robinson) is a father figure for many girls living in Mackenzie House - as well as for his two boys Kainan, Ellis ‘24, Jayden, Ellis ‘28, and his large English Mastiff, Tyee. When he’s not teaching or coaching hockey, he enjoys spending his time fly-fishing, golfing, doing CrossFit, and hiking/camping with his family.

In September 2011, Robbie moved to the island when he and his wife, Ms Cheung, began as duty staff and teachers at Brentwood. By the 2012 school year, Ms Cheung was appointed Assistant Houseparent, which instantly designated Robbie as our Mack Dad. Soon after, “Tea Time with Robbie” became a weekly Mack House event, providing the girls with a safe space to share their thoughts and get some fatherly advice.

Over the years, he has enjoyed coaching Junior A Volleyball, Junior A Basketball, and golf, as well as being the leader of the biennial eSwatini service trips. Since beginning at Brentwood, he has made a huge impact on the new Grade 9 program, Metamorphosis 9, which is essentially a combination of Socials, Science, and 21st Century Studies. When asked what he enjoys most about the Brentwood community, he said, “The time spent with all of the incredible people here. To me, building relationships is the most valuable part of teaching.”

Mr Robinson was born in Manchester, UK, but grew up on a small farm in Golden, BC, where he enjoyed dirt biking, snowmobiling, and spending time with the variety of animals on the farm. Upon completing high school, he went to the University of Calgary where he completed his BA in English Literature, Bachelor of Education, Masters, and where he met Ms Cheung.

Before Brentwood, he taught at one other school, Westmount Charter School, as well as at a golf course and QC Data, a Cartography company in downtown Calgary.

To him, his immediate family is the sole focus of most of the things he does each day. “Without them, my life would be entirely different. The connection and bonds we have mean everything to me and make my life whole,” he stated. Additionally, there is his Brentwood family: “When we arrived on campus ten years ago, everyone embraced us warmly and some of my greatest friendships come from the community here.”

A quote Robbie stands by is from Marcus Aurelius: “The problem creates solutions. What stands in the way becomes the way.” With this, he believes that “The path toward achieving your goals will be messy and fraught with adventure and turmoil, but you will be fulfilled.”

Emily P, Mack ‘22

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