Robbie K: The Emerging Professional

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - By: Sydney C, Alexandra ‘18; Photo by Robbie K, Whittall '19

Robbie K, Whittall ‘19 was recently selected as a finalist in Photographer’s Forum: Magazine for the Emerging Professional’s 37th Annual College & High School Photography Contest.

Robbie, also Assistant Stage Manager for Mary Poppins, has had a passion for photography for what seems like forever and has taken part in Brentwood’s photography program for the past two years. This talented student says that it is the adventure of photography that keeps his passion alive and pushes him to continue on his journey. Once he picked up the camera and took his first photo, he was hooked and he has not put the camera down ever since. 

Photography is one of the main factors that makes Robbie happy and it is surely displayed through his photos. In the past, Robbie has competed in various photography competitions and has done exceptionally well in all of them: it is not a surprise that he has succeeded again. Congratulations, Robbie, on an amazing job. 

Sydney C, Alexandra ‘18

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