Road to a Soccer Star

Sunday, March 04, 2018 - By: Daniel Müller Ellis ‘18

As winter is coming to an end and spring is just over the horizon, the Brentwood girls begin their pre-season practices. Although the boys’ competitive season is over, they are still welcome in second term of soccer, as is anyone, no matter experience or skill level. The program is designed to both help everyone learn and hone their skills and prepare the girls for the competitive season ahead. 

On Saturdays, the soccer players come together and compete for their own individual World Cup Title. Rules for this competition are simple. The players are spread out between two fields as they play 8 games each consisting of 10 minutes.  While playing, they compete to score the most points added up between all games. Rebecca S, Allard ‘18 and Morgan W, Allard ‘18 are currently the most successful people in this exercise. However, Oliver B, W Whittall ‘18 is slowly catching up. 

The boys and girls are not only competing in a challenge on the soccer field but also in the FA Cup, one of the biggest tournaments in England. Every person gets to choose a team and the person who picked the team which wins the FA Cup is awarded with a pizza. 

Daniel Müller Ellis ‘18

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