River Gold, A Stay

Thursday, September 08, 2022 - By: Tedra G, Mack ‘24; Photo by Dan Norman

On Friday, May 27, Outdoor Pursuits began a memorable journey to Gold River, BC on the Island’s rugged west coast. The trip consisted of nine smiling students accompanied by Mr Norman, former kayaking Olympian, Kallie, our instructor, and our superb bus driver. After loading the truck with kayaks, paddles, stoves, and all our other miscellaneous camping gear, we set off on our epic adventure.

In a bus ride of four hours along rough terrain with twists and turns, excitement filled the air. Halfway there, at a roadside stop, we cooked up juicy burgers and hotdogs. We arrived at the campsite as the sun was going down, made hot drinks, set up our tents, and headed to bed.

The next day was eventful. After a hefty breakfast of French toast, sausages and fruit, we swiftly prepared for a morning kayak and witnessed the beauty of the river with its characteristic gold hues and crystal-clear water. We cruised through rapids and experienced the joy of a new, unfamiliar river. We made it back to the campsite just in time for lunch, built sandwiches and bathed in the sunlight.

Next we visited the Upana Caves. We were absolutely astonished! It was a maze of rock, dripping limestone and narrow tunnels. Our flashlights barely managed to shine a beam through the darkness. We exited the caves and headed off to our last paddle of the day. We made it back to the campsite wet and exhausted, but happy to be making dinner. All hands were on deck as we chopped vegetables and prepared rice for a nice hot curry. We roasted marshmallows over a campfire and then ended our night with Mr Norman playing his guitar.

On Sunday morning we went for our final river run after some fresh oatmeal. We packed up, napped on the bus, and returned to school feeling reinvigorated.

Since joining ODP, our lives have been enriched and we have changed as a person. #ChooseToBe

Tedra G, Mack ‘24

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