Resilience is a Virtue

Thursday, May 25, 2017 - By: Michael L, Rogers ‘19

Last Monday, the Junior Rugby boys left class early to ride down for our game against Oak Bay in Victoria. It would determine whether or not the team will be remembered forever or passed down as just another team in Brentwood history. It turns out we would be the first Junior rugby team in recent Brentwood history to go to provincials.

The bus ride was filled with the usual chatter: the air was also filled with excitement. When we arrived, we quickly changed into our rugby gear and started warmups; everything was routine and the warm up ran smoothly. Five minutes before the game the starting XVs began their pregame pep talk. Everyone was pumped for what was about to come next. There was determination and pride; the fire burning inside of us kept us warm for the game.

As the game began we quickly took the initiative and got a quick try from rugby all-star Matthew P, Rogers 19. After that we quickly bumped up the score boards with more tries. As the time ticked on, the weather only got worse and Oak Bay’s offense became increasingly relentless. At one point, they were only a few yards away from our try line, but our forward pack, led by Captain Jacob B, Ellis 19 repelled their attacks time after time and counter-attacked with intensity. 

As the game got closer, the boys fought harder with fullback Pedro P, Ellis 20 making great tackles protecting our rear against Oak Bay’s kicks. The score got closer and closer and in the dying minutes Dylan D, Whittall ‘19 scored our final try sealing the deal against Oak Bay and ending their season. 

As the game ended, the boys erupted with cheers; everyone felt satisfied with the outcome, yet as it turns out, the win against Oak Bay was not the only treat. Mr. Patel, in fact, was quite pleased about our game and decided to buy the entire team ice cream. We naturally decided that we had to go big, so we got DQs and went home covered with bruises on our bodies and smiles on our faces.

Michael L, Rogers ‘19

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