Renaissance Eggs

Sunday, April 12, 2015 - By: Mr. David McCarthy, Director of Academics

Yesterday morning the Grade 9 class had their official “parachute launch.” Students had to design and build a device that would take an egg safely to the ground as slowly as possible. 

A variety of designs showed that the creative process had been well applied. Practice drops had led to improvements in the structures, a process that helped students appreciate the engineering-design cycle. Sculpture instructor Mr. David Hunwick worked with the students in the studio as they refined their ideas and recreated a “Leonardo da Vinci” style parachute as part of an integrated project on Renaissance thinking. 

After the drops, Mr Luna, our resident art historian, took the group to the lecture theatre for a talk on the Renaissance period, its culture, and its art. 

Later this month students will have their project work exhibited in the Ross building along with other Da Vinci art and artifacts.

Mr. David McCarthy, Director of Academics

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