Reid Carr Retirement Tea

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - By: Lucinda G, Allard ‘22

Last Friday was a great celebration of the beloved Mrs Reid Carr, retiring this summer after 17 years in Allard House. Following our usual sign in, all members of Allard sauntered over to the Field House in the Foote Centre. We helped to set up food, tables, and gifts. Then, hiding behind the bar, we anxiously anticipated her appearance. Peeking our heads out momentarily, we caught glimpses of Mrs Carr and her daughter, Natalie, approaching the venue.

Mrs Carr’s arrival to her celebration was marked by a loud “Surprise!” booming from each corner of the room. After her initial shock wore off and everyone had gotten dessert, we seated ourselves in preparation for what would prove to be a nostalgic evening. Cailine K, Allard ‘20 presented Mrs Carr with a freshly painted piece of mermaid-themed artwork. Afterwards, the duty staff gave her a symbolic dish, handmade by an Allard grad.

Every element of the evening was centred around the house and houseparent, from the delicate flamenco cake to the beach-themed gifts. This event was a great way to pay tribute to someone who has given their heart and soul to Allard.

Mrs Carr also took the opportunity to comment on the support of her family during her tenure. We have enjoyed the presence of Mr Carr, as well as their two poodles, in the house.

For all students in Allard, Mrs Carr fostered a culture of fun and love within our halls. Being a houseparent to 70 girls must be extremely difficult, but somehow she still makes us all feel that we have a mom away from home. In the sea of Brentwood’s challenges, Allard has always been a place where we can be relaxed and entertained.

As House Captain Haley H ‘19 remarked in her heartfelt speech, “It was really important to have a gathering with just the house. 95% of the time we really appreciate Mrs Carr is during the day to day.” 

We look forward to involving our families and the rest of the school in subsequent celebrations for Mrs Carr.

Lucinda G, Allard ‘22

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