Regatta’s Way of Reuniting

Saturday, May 02, 2015 - By: Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

Brentwood Regatta is as busy as a Boxing Day sale. Imagine a sea full of rowers, and a campus full of students, teachers, parents and alumni. Over four thousand people come together over the course of three days for the Brentwood Regatta. 

It felt like every rower in North America came together to compete in races Friday through Sunday and every Brentwood student and teacher had a role to play in making this event happen. The jobs ranged from recycling and garbage duty to entrepreneurship; every role is important. 

One of the most amazing aspects, aside from the racing, is the alumni and parents who choose to come back to their high school - including my two older brothers and mom and dad. Alumni from around the world come back to reunite with past friends, teachers, housemates and teammates, and to get a look at how much Brentwood has changed - and how much it has  stayed the same.

On Saturday April 25th there were three alumni events: an OBE (Old Brentonian Executive) meeting, an alumni tent in the afternoon, and finally a reception for alumni and parents held in the Bunch lobby.

While the early races were underway, the Old Brentonians, who are large supporters of Brentwood, has their board meeting. This group is strictly former Brentwood students.

Beneath the white tent was glowing with joy because over 100 alumni made the choice to come back and support their school. This event was catered by Andrea (Flemming) Hudson, Mackenzie ‘00. She also has her own business that has 4.5 plus stars, which really shows where Brentwood students have gone.

It truly is amazing how so many students like to come back and visit the school. It shows what a wonderful atmosphere Brentwood has. I talked to a former student, Maya Villanueva, Alexandra ’07, who is also a part of the OBE and asked her why she comes back. She replied, “Brentwood was extremely formative for me, and remains an exceptionally important part of my life. Returning to campus for events like Regatta keep me connected to the people and the place that changed my life.” 

In the future, Mr. Patel would like to get even more events organized so it can feel like an alumni family homecoming. Events that he would like to get started as a tradition are family rugby and soccer games. After these games, there would be a dinner hosted by the school to draw the whole event to a delightful end.

Let’s hope those plans take shape before we graduate!

See you all at the 46th Regatta, April 29 to May 1, 2016. 

Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

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