Regatta Takedown

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - By: Noah H, Privett ‘19

Regatta is a busy time for the Brentwood community; with spring in full force, the campus is buzzing with life. Hosting an event is no simple task let alone running a seamless weekend with athletes from around North America. The Brentwood staff spend weeks preparing for Regatta weekend and now I see why. 

This year was my first Regatta and what an event it was! The Brentwood campus was transformed into a full scale sporting grounds with 1500 competitors. As amazing as the weekend was, it was the takedown of Regatta that struck me the most. After a weekend of non-stop action and high energy events, by Sunday afternoon it looked like nothing had ever changed.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the entrepreneurship class. With booths that varied everywhere from Asian stir fry to deep fried Mars bars, this class covered all foods you may have been craving. With such a full schedule Sunday came very quickly and before I knew it the boats were gone from the field and the tents we taken down. Within a couple of hours Brentwood had been transformed from orderly chaos to no trace of it at all. And it is the workers that are behind the scenes that make all this possible, from gardening to facilities, Brentwood has a spectacular crew working 24/7 to keep this school and the school grounds running flawlessly. 

Hugh R who was a part of the Five Fried Guys entre booth said that

“Brentwood runs so smoothly because of all the work that is put in behind

the scenes. After running our food booth for the weekend I understand the work that is needed to smoothly operate and accomplish anything.” After any normal event it is easy to tell that there have been people around due to the garbage and impact that humans have. However, there was no trace thanks to Brentwood’s BEAT team! With garbage sorting stations around the campus - and Brentwood rowers tasked with trash pickup - there was not a single piece of trash I could see when I strolled around campus Sunday afternoon. 

The Brentwood Regatta was made possible by all the staff; without them, an event of this scale would not be possible. The presence of thousands of people can have a very negative effect and can takes weeks to recover from, however this was not the case. The many hands made for easy and efficient clean up. Thanks to everyone for putting time and energy into it.  

Noah H, Privett ‘19

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