Regatta Student Responsibilities

Friday, April 28, 2017 - By: Maddie B, Hope ‘19

Welcome to our 47th Annual Brentwood Regatta, 2017.

Here at Brentwood, we think it’s very important for every student to get involved during Regatta weekend and engage with visitors from other schools. Every Brentwood staff member, student, rower or non-rower, has an active role on campus which allows them to interact with the athletes and visitors and represent Brentwood.

Regatta weekend is a really exciting event for everyone on campus. Students, teachers, rowers, and staff all love showing off our school environment that we work so hard to maintain. Every student is happy (well, maybe not always happy, but at the very least willing) to contribute their time and effort around campus to welcoming our visitors. Encouraging everyone to participate in this event, rower or non-rower, really demonstrates our values as a school and how we believe that everyone should come forward and get involved. 

Walking around campus, you can easily get a sense of our school’s culture and environment.  

The average time of a student’s work commitment to the Regatta can be between 2-6 hours a day depending on the job and how many people there are. Students usually work for two out of the three Regatta days but that can vary from job to job. A boat driver, for instance, could work a total of twelve hours in daily four hour shifts.

Some of our student responsibilities include:

Boat washing, Boat holding - thank you, cold handed Grade 8s!, Parking & greeting, Caf duty, Weigh-in, Waste education, Awards, Regatta Store, Photography and Blogging, Garbage pickup, Entrepreneurship food booths & Announcing.

Grade 10 Bilel M, Privett ‘19 says “The best thing about working at Regatta is all the people you meet from around the area. Recycling waste makes me feel like I’m making the world a better place. I know I’m making a difference in our school.” 

Brentwood students and staff are really honoured to be hosting the coaches, athletes, parents, fans and alumni and can’t wait for the races to start. 

Once again we’d like to welcome everyone to our 47th annual Brentwood regatta. Good luck :) 

Maddie B, Hope ‘19

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