Regatta Rock II: Saturday’s Arrivals on the Outdoor Stage

Sunday, May 01, 2016 - By: Article and Photo by Liam B, Ellis ‘16

Saturday was a particularly sublime day at the Regatta: the ocean was dappled with sunlight, the boothes sizzled up savoury snacks for hungry visitors, and the Rock bands proved to be just as talented as Friday’s performers. 

The afternoon was kickstarted by excellent singer Jayden Holman, featuring Brentwood’s Rock Band teacher Mr. Scott McGill on guitar and alumna Hope King on backup vocals. Next on stage were the Cruel Shoes, who played powerful renditions of classic rock and blues songs with searing guitar and vocals from Brentwood’s multitalented bus driver and maintenance worker Ernie Neiderer. 

Afterwards we heard Sweet Potato Brown and the Cam Stiles Trio, a well-seasoned group that covered songs by the Rolling Stones and sang a haunting ballad about a murder in Victoria. Marguerite Thompson, a Brentwood alumna with a crooning voice, covered such diverse bands as The Police (Walking On the Moon), Led Zeppelin (Dazed and Confused), and Drake (Hotline Bling). The music closed with Skellig,  a band with a Celtic influence, providing a satisfying end to the evening.

For those opting for quieter entertainment, the Centre for Art and the Humanities hosted a fascinating art show that put Brentwood student artwork on display for the public. The artists were available at the event to talk about their work to visitors. This year’s theme was “Circus,” and the result was a myriad of wildly varied and colourful paintings and sculptures adorning the hallways. While some artists went for the curiosities and grotesqueries of historical circuses, such as fire-breathers, lion tamers, and leering clowns, others chose to make a statement by caricaturing politicians to emphasize the spectacle-centred nature of this year’s U.S. Presidential race. Visitors walked below translucent models of trapeze artists swinging from the roof beams, which were crafted by our Grade 8 students. 

At the end of the evening, rowers and Brentonians gathered on the plaza for the much-anticipated Regatta dance, with Trevor B, Rogers ‘16, as MC, serving up an infectious variety of electronic music and conjuring a lively atmosphere. 

Well done, all performers who showed off their musical talents today, and kudos to all of the talented visual artists who let their true colours shine through at the art show.

Article and Photo by Liam B, Ellis ‘16 

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