Regatta Rock: Entertainment on the Outdoor Stage

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - By: Liam B, Ellis ‘16

Once again it is The Regatta, that glorious time of year when one can munch on potato tornadoes while bathing in the sun’s radiance and watch students compete in nautical ordeals of endurance. The experience would be incomplete, however, without live music from the outdoor stage. The entertainment lineup on Friday brought together a talented lineup of musicians, including some Brentwood alumni and our school’s own rock band performers. 

As the afternoon began, the Intermediate Rock Band, composed of junior Brentwood students, took command of the stage with their gritty opening number, ACDC’s “T.N.T.” and continued with more mellow singles such as Semisonic’s “Closing Time”, led by strong vocals from Luke A, Whittall ‘19. 

The Advanced Rock Band, for which I play drums and keys, was up next. Our performance was enjoyable despite some technical difficulties and a wayward bass pedal. Sarah B, Hope ‘16, sang our devilish opening number, “Highway to Hell”, and Zaid A, Ellis ‘17, sang with gusto in Jimmy Hendrix’s “Fire”. We ran through our year’s repertoire which spanned artists from the Foo Fighters to Elle King.  

After we had taken our bows, the Composition Rock Band, Lacking Safe Distance, took our place, performing a mesmerising set of songs they had composed throughout the year. The songs were varied and complex, with numerous impressive solos, catchy hooks, and rapping interludes. Audience members were impressed that the set list had been successfully coordinated by such a large group. Jaclyn C, Mack ‘16 and Ella B, Mack ‘17, sang haunting harmonies over the expert backing of the band.

After the student performances were over, we handed the mic to more seasoned musicians. Backstage Whiskey played some excellent country and RnB tunes, with Brentwood alumni Hope King as the lead vocalist and rock band teacher Mr. Scott McGill on guitar and backup vocals. The Providers then played fresh covers of well-known rock songs. Ashleigh Eymann, a Brentwood alumna, sang soulfully in a solo performance the captivated a small but appreciative audience. 

The evening concluded with The Sutcliffes, an upbeat and tight group featuring Terry Marshall, husband of Hope Houseparent Ms Hedquist, playing covers of classic rock songs by The Beatles and others, getting a small crowd of Brentwood students dancing in front of the stage.

The entertainment on Friday was top notch, and we look forward to seeing performances of the same caliber on Saturday.

Liam B, Ellis ‘16



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