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Wednesday, May 06, 2015 - By: Anna P, Allard ‘17 & Camila GQ, Allard ‘17

“The Entrepreneur Always Searches For Change, Responds To It, And Exploits It As An Opportunity.”

Six groups, nine months of work, three days of sales and profit yet to be determined. The great entrepreneurship groups, during the warm and fun regatta, provided us with the most delicious food they could make. From sweet beaver tails to gourmet pasta, everyone enjoyed delectable plates. 

In these past nine months the entrepreneurship groups worked hard to put everything in place needed for the Regatta weekend and their hard work finally paid off.

After putting in an incredible amount of work, the Regatta weekend has been a blast, not just for all of the students and visitors, but for the groups shining in the light of their delicious meals. 

There was a variety of different choices, such as sweet beaver tails, Chinese traditional dragon cakes, perogies and homemade pasta. 

It was an amazing experience for the Grade 11s who were part of this project as they got to experience being in a business and making money on their own. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved. 

The feedback from visitors and consumers were quite positive: “It was really good; I think we liked the poutine the most. We really enjoyed it and the price was completely fair!”  said Jack G, a visitor at this year´s regatta.

We want to thank all of you for your hard work and making the best out of this year´s Regatta! 

Who knows what the entrepreneurship groups have planned for next year? 

Anna P, Allard ‘17 & Camila GQ, Allard ‘17

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