Regatta Boat Holding - A Grade 8 Tradition

Saturday, May 04, 2019 - By: Christine Lee, ‘23; Photo by Hannah P, Mack '19

Last weekend, April 26th-28th was the 49th Annual Brentwood International Rowing Regatta. Most of the Grade 8s were given the job of boat holding while a couple of us were boat driving.

As we climbed into the tiny tin boat that was to take us up to the start doock, feelings of nervousness and excitement crept up our throats. We did not know what to expect. When we reached the dock we climbed out and we were given directions. After the first boat we held, we caught on pretty quickly and any nervous feelings disappeared. 

Despite the chilly winds and somewhat irritating weather delays, many of the Grade 8s found their boat holding job to be quite enjoyable and one of the best jobs at the Regatta. Boatholding was a very hands-on experience and I for one would love to do it again. The 49th Brentwood International Rowing Regatta turned out beautifully and we hope to see you next year for our 50th anniversary!

Christine Lee, ‘23

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