Regatta 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - By: Kieran MH, Rogers ‘17; Photo by Petra J

All around the Brentwood campus, activity is increasing. With new merchandise available at the school store and a stage being constructed in front of Founder’s Plaza, it is clear that the Brentwood International Regatta is fast approaching. 

For Brentwood rowers this is the only opportunities to compete in front of their school. After miles of “fat ergos”, countless early mornings, and hours spent working on technique, this will be the crews’ chance to make their school proud.

The Regatta is truly a giant event: over 1600 athletes and coaches will come to compete and they will be supported by thousands of spectators. The rowing, however, is just a fraction of the equation that makes Brentwood’s regatta so memorable. On Friday and Saturday there will be performances from students and staff bands, covering all genres of music and adding to the fantastic environment. In the Centre for Arts and Humanities there will be an art show demonstrating Brentwood students’ abilities in painting, pottery, sculpture, and many other diverse mediums. There is an alumni reception from 2:30 to 4:30 in the Bunch lobby.

Another unique aspect of regatta is the food booths being constructed on Founder’s Plaza. These are a manifestation of the Entrepreneurship 12 class’ final projects. Groups of students organize the purchase, production, and sale of their individual cuisine. This year’s selection will range from authentic gyros to delicious churros. 

Just because there will not be any school, doesn't mean the Brentwood students won’t be busy. These hard workers will be seen alongside school staff directing cars, taking photos, washing shells, holding boats, diverting waste, driving officials on the water, announcing, and much more. 

Thanks to all who are helping to organize and prepare the campus for a truly amazing event. Calm water and straight courses for all of the rowers.

Kieran MH, Rogers ‘17

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