Reflecting on Term One

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - By: Tommy M, Privett ‘23

As the seasons change from colourful autumn to a greyer winter, as we work through these final weeks of assessment, as the Michael Buble Christmas records come out of hibernation one more time, the Brentonian community wraps up another successful first term. For many, this comes as a shock, but as of November 22, we are one-third of the way through the 2020-2021 school year. We take this time to reflect on the ups and downs of the term and to look forward to the coming winter months.

This term started in the glorious long-lit days of summer, on a different note than any first term before it. It began with the first-ever Camp Brentwood. After students arrived at the school for Orientation, we embarked on a two-week campus-wide quarantine. Camp Brentwood included the swim tests, socially-distanced sport, sunny spike ball afternoons on Gillespie Field, and outdoor movie nights. New and returning students took the opportunity of Camp Brentwood to fully immerse themselves into not only the school itself, but this new year that was going to look different than anything we had ever experienced.

As the sunny days of Camp Brentwood faded away and uptown welcomed us with open arms, we moved into the fall. As the campus opened up to all students and the day student haven of the Foote Centre became a home away from home, Brentwood moved from late September to Thanksgiving Break. This time was filled with the Terry Fox Run, Interhouse Eco-Challenge, Grade Nine Adventure Week, and peaceful Sundays, all leading up to another wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and cabaret.

When students returned from Thanksgiving, a shorter Camp Brentwood 2.0 was introduced which kept all students on campus for one week instead of two. From there, we partook in the Melhuish Competitions, Sports and Arts Captains were named, and athletics moved into stage two. This period, however, was dominated by the grand buildup to everyone’s favourite Interhouse event, Airband. As students prepared their best moves and the Privett seniors planned to shock the world, the campus was alive with hype. While moving through Fright Week it was the only topic that was on anyone’s lips. Finally, on the night before All Hallow’s Eve, the Grad Council presented Airband 2020. Alex/Whittall came away as victors after a valiant effort and total domination of all three categories. Well done Alice S, Alex House Captain and lead choreographer!

Following a much-needed Midterm Break, we returned to Camp Brentwood 3.0, a beautiful Remembrance Day Ceremony, and the rush for report cards. As students buckled down to create a wonderful first-term report, the foliage-filled days began to slip away to make way for the early sunsets and rainy days of an Island winter in our temperate rainforest.

That leads us to where we are today, as the final hours of the opening term fade away, Brentonians look back on the best moments of our initial season. Oscar L, Ellis ‘23 stated that his favourite part of the first term was “being able to be in an in-class environment and see my friends from across the world while still following COVID-19 protocols”. Brentwood newcomer Chet S, Privett ‘23 also shared his favourite moments from term one, which were “all of the new and exciting interhouse activities, the amazing people, and joining Brentwood’s awesome rowing program”. Every student on campus is also so thankful for all the Brentwood staff, especially the COVID Team of Mr Sullivan, Mr McPherson, Ms Murtland, Mr Shadlock, Mr Burton & Mr Patel, for leading the way and giving us the opportunity to be here on campus.

So as the bow is tied on the wrapped gift that was first term, the Brentwood community will surf a second wave of enthusiasm into the unknown but much-anticipated term two.

Tommy M, Privett ‘23

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