Reece FR - A Western Soccer Success Story

Friday, February 28, 2020 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21

Reece FR has been an avid athlete her whole life. She is a Brentwood lifer, a strong and dedicated student, an Allard Mermaid, and Athletic Head Prefect. Most recently, she is also the recipient of a soccer scholarship to Western University in London, Ont.

Although soccer is what won Reece her scholarship, she has been a multisport athlete with the Brentwood program for the last five years. She has competed on A teams for volleyball and soccer, as well as being a high achiever in track and field. She has enjoyed this lifestyle, as “each sport is unique and offers something different”. The tripartite program can be stressful at times maintaining those commitments, but is “very rewarding”. The coaches were also very helpful, supporting her with her athletics while helping make sure that she meets her high academic standards.

Within the academic side of things, Reece has always enjoyed sciences, and knew that she wanted to go into a medical field. Although she had her heart set on nursing most of her life, she also knew that she wanted to stay in the world of sports. Her mom, Ms Fougner, suggested taking calculus and opening doors for medical school and kinesiology. Reece, being the game, brave student she is, agreed and ended up applying for kinesiology in health sciences. She wants to keep her doors open, and is set up very well to do so.

In addition to her coursework and sports, Reece is the Assistant Head Prefect - Athletics. It is her job to make the sports announcements at assembly, highlight the events, and promote a positive culture through her position in the Student Executive Council. Even more importantly and impressively, Reece is one of the first female students in the history of the school to hold this title. Lack of female representation in sport has always been an issue in society, and Brentwood has not always been immune to it, but it is with complete confidence that the Head of Athletics, Mr. Gage, many students, and I, believe that it is thanks to Reece that the program has improved a lot in being an inclusive and encouraging one for all genders.

The scholarship program that Reece has been accepted into offers her an official spot along with six other rookies. In what she thought was a slim chance, Reece contacted Western at the beginning of this year. Only having seen a video of her skills, and some positive contact with her current coach, the Western was eager to have her join the team. She will go this summer to participate in the training camps, and get to know her teammates. Reece honed her soccer skills at the school and as a longtime member of the Wave, Vancouver Island’s team in the BC Soccer Premier League.

Reece is confident when she says that “I would not be where I am now if it was not for my family.” Her mother, Ms Fougner, has coached the Senior Girls Volleyball team for over 15 years, and is the reason it has been one of the most successful athletic programs in the school. As Reece grew up, her mother was coaching the Western Canada team, and her father coached soccer, going on to become the most inspirational figure for Reece as he continued to play despite illness. She has fond memories of her and her brother playing volleyball together on summer evenings, and is proud that her older brother is also continuing as a post-secondary athlete. Griffin FR, Ellis ‘18, plays soccer for UVic.

Reece has had a major positive impact on Brentwood, and we are very proud of her accomplishments. We look forward to seeing the wonderful things she will continue to do at Western with her well-earned scholarship.

Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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