Wednesday, October 12, 2016 -

It did not take long before the studios and performance areas were fired up with the energy of students creating in their chosen media. Auditions for both the Musical and Senior Acting Play commenced almost from day one and the casts have now been selected ready to begin the demanding journey to performance week. The Arts Council, comprised of the Arts Captains, held its first meeting to determine themes for upcoming shows.

The idea of “Fusion” for the American Thanksgiving show was speedily accepted, as it also allows students to create works for the upcoming TEDX event in the Bunch. Each week at Assembly will feature an artist of the week selected by the Arts Captains. The Interhouse Art Competition will move to third term to allow more students time to build their skills before entering. The Arts Council is also very keen to celebrate the artistic achievements of students through social media so various strategies were discussed and, hopefully, soon implemented. The Makerspace - part of the 3-D Sculpture Studio - in the Centre for Art and Humanities now houses more tools and resources for students. The Arts here have always been experiential learning but now we can add more opportunities in the Makerspace for students to take on independent projects. The Arts are alive and thriving here on campus.

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