Rams & Dragonflies Bonding

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 - By: Gavyn K, Privett ‘22; Photo by Kameel A, Privett '23

Reflecting back on the last four years at Brentwood, the interhouse challenge has been a struggle for Hope-Privett. With Mack-Ellis having a five-year streak of domination and Hope-Privett unfortunately falling right behind in second place every single year, our Interhouse Captains are working on a diligent and persevering comeback that will make Mr Patel and us, as brother-sister houses, so proud.

In order for Hope-Privett to have a driven and hardworking comeback to glory, our two houses need a true bond like brother and sister. We are in need of a bond so solid and so unique that bonding activities are definitely essential.

At the start of the year, during Orientation, bonding exercises for every new student were mandatory between brother and sister houses to ‘get to know’ more people. These exercises such as duck-duck-goose, rock, paper, scissors, and even speed dating are great for a school-wide activity. But Hope-Privett doesn’t want to be like everyone else. If we strove for such a thing, we would end up right where we were last year: in second place.

Some distinctive bonding activities that we intend on holding are ice skating, bowling, movies, but also … dodgeball! In the dark, late days of November, we all decided as brothers and sisters to, I guess, throw foam balls at each other in a way of showing appreciation for each other.

Creative and productive ways to bring our two houses the bond of brother and sister that is well needed is something that shall not be taken for granted.

Gavyn K, Privett ‘22

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