Rainy Day Distractions!

Friday, January 29, 2021 - By: Emily N, Allard ‘22

On the outside looking in, the upcoming months on Vancouver Island could seem uninviting. With the short (but lengthening), dark (but brightening), rainy (but getting dryer) days, it seems like there is not too much to look forward to. But as soon as you step into the Brentwood Bubble, the metaphorical clouds covering term two clear up to uncover all the exciting things that are coming.

With such a variety of interhouse events during Spirit Week that begins this Friday, there really is something for everyone! For the artists from each house, there is a Paint-In competition, which will run from January 22-30, where one painting must be completed per house. On January 29, the long-awaited Cornhole Championships are finally happening: it will be an exciting night to see who will rise to the top! January 30 will be jam-packed with events, from the Polar Bear Swim, to Dodgeball, in full effect with a Rap Battle at intermission.

Even though January will be coming to an end, the interhouse events will not be. On January 31, there is another event for artists: Window Decorating! January 31 will also be the beginning of a Giant Jenga Tournament, which will run until February 5. For all the physics enthusiasts, there will be an Egg Drop competition on February 2; stay tuned to see which tactic will be the most protective!

February 5 also will be an opportunity for anybody interested in video games, specifically Super Smash Bros, because a Video Game Tournament will be held! All these interhouse events will surely take us through second term swiftly, with something to look forward to almost every day!

Something that the school would have been looking forward to is Winterlude, Brentwood’s annual excursion to Mt Washington, but unfortunately it is cancelled due to Covid protocols. As disappointing as this seems, there was a silver lining, which is Wellness Wednesday, Feb. 3! On Wellness Wednesday everyone will get the morning off of classes, and then proceed to a regular afternoon of Arts. We had one Wellness Wednesday previous to Winter Break, and it was a time where the entire student body had a designated time to relax, leaving us refreshed for the rest of the week. According to Reese V, Allard ‘22 “Wellness Wednesday is a great replacement for Winterlude” and will hopefully leave the school feeling rejuvenated!

As many Brentwood students know, dress up days are hard to come by but thanks to Spirit Week, there will be a total of six! This year, they range in style, and there are a few new ones! There will be the classic Red & Black Brentwood Spirit Day, as well as House Hoodie Day. Other classics are Twin Day and Tacky Tropical Tourist Day! The more creative of days are Monochrome Day, and last but not least, Why Do I Own That? - An Ode To Wacky Wear Day. I hope that everyone’s outfits will be funky and enjoyable in order to get the full potential out of these non-uniform dress days!

One of the other exciting things coming up is Rent-a-Grad! This event is run by the Grad Council, and you can “rent” a Grade 12 in your cohort. In order to rent someone, you purchase raffle tickets for a certain Grade 12, and if you win the raffle, your designated senior gets to accompany you outside of class time for the day and share many fun activities! Some of these activities could include eating meals together, participating in Spirit Week activities, or going to McNeill’s for a treat! Sophia L, Allard ‘22, looks forward to “having a buddy for the afternoon” and is excited for the fun that will come next Thursday! I’m sure the day will be a big success - just like last year! All funds raised go to the Grad Bursary.

All these events will be sure to take us through second term in the blink of an eye, and before we know it, sunny days will be here once again!

Emily N, Allard ‘22

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