Race of the Year

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - By: Brian Carr

The January edition of the Independent Rowing News magazine, based in Boston, Massachusetts, will include its 'Best of 2007' list. In the article, the New Zealand mens straight four was the team of the year. The Canadian mens eight, gold medalists at the 2007 World Championships with Brentwood grad Malcolm Howard (2001) were runners-up. The next category was the race of the year. From the entire 2007 year, where there were thousands of races around the world, the number one race in 2007 was the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup final with Brentwood College and Shrewsbury School of England. The article dedicated a page describing the race and displaying a picture of the two crews. This is a great honour for the nine athletes who dedicated their time at Brentwood to an attempt to win Henley. They might have lost by a foot, but their story lives on. Congratulations to Dan Bester (2007), Dan Munsell (2008), Simon Woods (2007), Alan Harman (2007), Noah O'Connell (2007), Spencer Crowley (2007), Sebastian Kallos (2007), Cam Gilham (2007), and Dan Thompson (2008). The magazine will be available on newsstands in a few weeks.

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