Putting the Garden to Bed

Sunday, January 05, 2014 - By: Laura R, Cate B, & Jacob N

A student in the garden

After 9 years as an Assistant Houseparent in Alex and putting girls to bed, now I am putting gardens to bed. It was a crisp and clear November afternoon in the BEAT garden where I worked with Cate B and her mom, as well as my son, Jacob. Cate’s mom appreciated the opportunity to get outside and get her hands dirty before winter closes in! We turned over the soil and removed the weeds. We then covered the beds with cardboard to keep them tidy and to make our spring planting easier.

As we all worked to dig and pull out weeds, Cate was thrilled with the treasure she found. Leftover potatoes and carrots were collected. When she returned home, she cleaned them up for tasty winter stew. Jacob was happy to trim back the herb garden, take the sage home for turkey dinner over the December break and gain a few volunteer hours for his Duke of Edinburgh.

Hopefully, Cate and Jacob’s experience will bring them back to the BEAT garden in the spring, when we will plant our veggies for the soup program. Cate summed it up when she said that it is good that we can survive on what you grow, instead of having to always go to the supermarket for food.

Laura R, Cate B, & Jacob N

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