Pug Day

Thursday, June 07, 2018 - By: Rae W, Alex ‘20

On May 25th, Mrs Reynolds took her proud Grade 11 English classes to sit on the Gillespie Field in the sun. Mrs Reynolds brought her pugs to class for the day as a reward. She has two English 11 classes which she puts to competition. Both classes compete for something she calls “Pug Points”. 

She will give both class a quiz and whichever class has the highest average gets a pug point. Mrs Reynolds also rewards her classes if they are quiet and attentive when they should be. If one of her classes is loud and noisy then the other one is awarded a pug point. The class with the most points collected over the year gets to have a day with her pugs and play tennis. The class with the fewest points just gets it play with the pug, which is also great. The class sits on the field as the two pugs run around on the field. Each students get to play with the pugs and hold them. As Marie K, Alex ‘19 said “Pug day is the best day”. 

Pugs can be traced back to the 1st century B.C. where they were bred as companions of royalty so I would say Mrs Reynolds’ class is pretty lucky to get pug day. Not only does Mrs Reynolds’ class get to appreciate her pugs, she also brings her pugs to annual events like the Terry Fox Run for everyone to enjoy.  “Festivities include trying to determine which pug is which; uttering, “Oh, my God! They’re so cute!” in a high-pitched squeal; and asking repeatedly if the pugs are dying, or is that snore normal” said Mrs Reynolds. “Pug day is a nice reward for working hard throughout the year and stacking up those pug points” mused Piper W, Hope ‘20. 

Rae W, Alex ‘20

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