Pug Day

Monday, June 14, 2021 - By: Sonia K, Allard ‘24

On a Saturday afternoon in late May, students met on Gillespie Field under a cloudless, summer sky to take part in a glorious end-of-the-year occasion. Mrs Reynolds’s English 9 classes had been in eager anticipation of this momentous event all year: Pug Day. The tradition is one in which Mrs. Reynolds invites her students to the broad green field for a block of fun in the sun, with the company of her two pugs, Shirley and Earl Reynolds.

Former students who have had the fortune of being taught by Mrs Reynolds in the ninth grade knew that the prospect of seeing those pugs was a Brentwood tradition that fueled our great determination and perseverance throughout the year. The two classes earned Pugs Points every time we did something of great achievement, like staying more focused than the other class while working or a test, class average, or showing a new level of sophistication. Whatever example of noteworthy behaviour we performed earned us a point that we kept with honour.

But there was a catch: you could get them taken away for poor behaviour or complaining too often. The two classes competed in the cut-throat competition all year long, and the winning class of 9E earned one dollar each to get themselves or the pugs a special treat.

The grins that we shared when we saw those short, muzzled-faced pets were smiles that can never be forgotten. Their fur was a light shade of fawn, glossy in the bright sun that shone over the wide-open campus. It highlighted the new flower pots and summer greenery, as well as glistened over the ocean that day: perfect pug weather. Their wrinkly, pudgy bodies pranced around on the grassy lawn of the Brentwood campus and not a single moment of boredom or despair went by in those 45 minutes. Ah, what a class to remember.

Sonia K, Allard ‘24

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