Provincial Tennis

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - By: Amelie E, Alex ‘19; Photo by Mrs. McLean

Brentwood’s Junior Tennis team went off to Vancouver last week to participate at the Provincials. Both teams (boys & girls) showed a great performance during these three days. The girls’ team placed second, unfortunately, to Crofton House, which shattered our dream of winning Provincials. The boys placed sixth out of 17 teams which was a great achievement. Brentwood showed, yet again, how outstanding our tennis teams are. 

This year Provincials was hosted in the Indoor Courts of Burnaby and Langley. Brentwood’s team spent three days in Vancouver with their coaches Mr. Brendan Patel, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McLean. Junior Girl’s coach Mrs. McLean, founder and host of the Junior Provincials, provided, for all of the competitors, an outside BBQ. Nick, her son, helped organize and run that brilliant meal. The Vancouver crowd experienced a new world of culinary adventure when they tried the  “Smoked Meat Patty Melt” or the “Smoked Meat Grilled Cheese”. 

The day before Provincials, the Brentwood Junior Girls played at Queen Elizabeth Park against Crofton House for the ISA trophy. It was a really hard match and Brentwood fought well, but Crofton won and Brentwood placed second.

On the second day, the boys played in Burnaby to qualify for Provincials. Mr. Patel, the coach of the boys, was very pleased at how well his team did. Unfortunately, they missed their chance to play for third place and had the opportunity to get fifth place, where they would have played the next day in Langley. The girls, on the other hand, had their matches at Langley on the second day. The Brentwood A Girls’ team won all their matches and were able to play in the semifinals. The other girls’ team also did well. They didn’t make it to the semifinals but they were able to win a few matches and gave their best.

On the third day, the semifinals and finals were in Burnaby and the placement matches in Langley. The Brentwood A Girl’s team made it to the finals and got second after an impressive match against Crofton House. Mrs. McLean was really proud of the team and according to her was that the best tennis performance she has ever seen of us! The boys were able to achieve the sixth place which made them more than proud.

Thanks to the team who proved their tennis skills and team spirit during these three days and represented Brentwood proudly! 

Amelie E, Alex ‘19; Photo by Mrs. McLean

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