Provincial Concours!

Monday, June 11, 2018 - By: Felix W, Privett ‘20; Photo By:

Three students in our French speaking program took part in the provincial Concours D’art Oratoire at Simon Fraser University campus in Surrey this past April. Felix W, Privett, ‘20, Sophie H, Hope ‘21 and Leila M, Hope ‘19 are part of our French program and each prepared 3 to 5 minute speeches on a subject of their choice over the course of three weeks. They prepared their speeches with caution and enthusiasm as it was the key to a provincial championship. The three first competed against their peers in their classrooms. They all received the highest marks in their class on a universal rubric provided by Canadian Parents for French qualifying them for the provincial competition three weeks later. 

Felix spoke with passion about the importance of vaccines and how they are misrepresented on social media; Sophie H spoke about the Bermuda Triangle and its mysteries and Leila M discussed procrastination among students and society.

Their time and effort paid off when they were chosen to represent Brentwood in Vancouver at the Provincial Concours including 260 truly talented students chosen by their school districts from all around the Yukon and British Columbia. I think that we can all agree that speaking in a different language is something truly amazing, the reward after years of practice with friends, family and teachers is unrivaled. 

“Concours d’arts oratoire was an incredible experience. I think it was a great gathering and despite the fact that I didn’t place, I was honoured and thrilled to have even made it that far. Although the build-up to the date and my presentation was incredibly stress-inducing, within seconds of entering the building, I instantly felt better to know that everyone was just as nervous (if not more) than myself. I had fun, was proud of myself and my performance and was glad to have attended such a great celebration of the French language” says Sophie H. Unfortunately these students did not place, but we know that they put everything into it and we are truly proud of them. If these students continue to improve their French speaking until Grade 12 they have a chance to attend nationals in Ottawa competing for a scholarship to Ottawa University. Thank you students for your dedication and perseverance.

Felix W, Privett ‘20; Photo By:

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