Project Innovation 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015 - By: Mr. Flynn

On Wednesday October 14, 2015, eight groups of Entrepreneurship 12 Students were put in-front of seven judges from the Cowichan Valley Business Community to determine whose group would be awarded the prize as Most Innovative Project / Business for 2015.
These presentations were the culmination of three weeks or work in which students were asked to set up a business and work it for 18 days and then close it down and present their findings to the judges.  This event is the Brentwood Business Studies Department version of the Dragon’s Den.
The presentations this year marked the 12 consecutive year this project has taken place.  The lessons learned from this project will assist the students as they prepare for their major project of the year when they will be called upon to set up a more formal business complete with business plan and the opportunity risk and earn greater amounts of money. These businesses will run throughout the annual Brentwood Regatta in April 2016.
The Winners for 2015 as as indicated below.
Most Innovative Business for 2015 as chosen based on the amount of Money the Judges were willing to Invest was:
Company Name:      Prestige Schoolwide
Group Members:       James C, Calvin C, Campbell F, William MP & Aaron S.
The Team with the Best Return on Their Investment for 2015
 Company Name:         Fat Stacks Inc.
 Group Members:       Kyle J, Lucas P & Camila GQ
A special thanks to our Judges / Dragons who are all members of the South Cowichan Rotary Club.  All money made from this project will be donated to local charities or service organizations.

Mr. Flynn

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