Privett House Parents

Friday, December 06, 2019 - By: Cade M, Privett ‘20

Houseparent Mr Ron Neufeld and Assistant Houseparent Ms Sarah Wolinsky, both continue to play instrumental roles in an effort to keep Privett House healthy, strong and proud. These two individuals are truly one of a kind and incredible at what they do.

When Mr. Ganley first approached me with the idea of an article on my Houseparents, I was overwhelmed at the task as each is so unique and outlandish; quite honestly, I could write books about each of them.

Mr Neufeld has been the Houseparent of Privett for almost 20 years. He really is one of a kind and a truly “perspective-changing guy“ observed Grade 10 Gavyn K. Until I met Mr Neufeld, I had never met a married man who paints their nails - which Neuf does to support his work with OMNI - nor a man who prefers his collar up even with a tie, and never a man who dedicates his entire life to the success of each and every Privett boy.

Not only does Neuf teach 80 kids science, as well as run a house of 60 boys, but he also is the director of OMNI. OMNI is a club that has been created to support Opened Minded Non-discriminatory Individuals. He has never failed to steer me right, despite my doubts at times. He has made Brentwood the most memorable two and a half years of my life. I will never forget Mr Neufeld and I envy all the new boys who will have the honor of spending their highschool years with such an extraordinary man.

Before Mrs Wolinsky became the Assistant House Parent of Privett, I had never actually spoken to her. I knew her as the math teacher who everyone raved about with a Legend of Zelda shield-shaped backpack. Ms Wolinsky is more than just a good math teacher with a stylish backpack. Luca H says “she is a caring, funny, thoughtful, and generally unbothered”. She is always looking for the best way to support each of her students as well as the boys in the house. When she was announced as the new AHP of Privett, I was definitely a bit skeptical as I didn’t know what to expect. In this, my second year with Mrs. Wolinsky, I can say that I don't think the school could have picked a better candid for the position.

Privett is in great hands - with the most colourful nails!

Cade M, Privett ‘20

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