Privett House

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - By: Callum Blake-Currier, Privett House Captain ‘20

As the year falls behind us, the halls of blue have yet again managed to groom an exclusive breed. Some may argue it was those early, middle-of-the-winter breakfast sign-ins or the glaring reprimands from the staff as we flaunted our fresh-cut mullets. The foolish may even give credit to the newly adopted phone policy, but no, not even close. It is the blue blood of the unique individuals who live, breathe & blossom - no, not on the MT, but under the roof of Privett - that collectively define & forge the compassionate, loving & fearless young men who are Privetteers.

From day one, with emphasis on our pillars of pride, brotherhood & trust, each & every Privett boy stepped up to their individual challenges while contributing to the unified excellence of the house as a whole. A strong first place finish in Fun & Games set high hopes for the rest of the year, a hope which the boys fulfilled spectacularly. From our nimble pianists, to our adept actors, Privett proved to be a dominant force on the Brentwood stage. Undeterred by an unlawful X, we even managed to scrape a triumphant victory in Airband. Successes aside, the 2019/20 journey has evidently welded together the Privett family into a band of brothers like no other.

This year, under the wise guidance of our fearless houseparents, each grade has flourished. First, the not-yet so fearless Grade 9s; their young blood fills the house with charismatic energy & yes, ceaseless high-pitched shrieks, likely emanating from the upper west hallway. Once past the rambunctious 9s, your ears will lead you to the Grade 10s, who always seem to be rapping - something about a Nan? Anyways, Privett will be left in good hands next year as the 11s shape into the future leaders of the house. To my fellow graduates, we’ve nearly made it - yes, even you Pio<3. As sad as it is to say goodbye, the many fond memories & unbreakable friendships will live on for years to come.

Last & never forgotten, our beloved house staff, without whom we’d be nothing short of a babbling, bumbling band of baboons. With much love, we owe to you an eternal thank you.

Forever Bleed Blue.

Callum Blake-Currier, Privett House Captain ‘20

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