Privett House

Thursday, August 03, 2017 - By: Lion H. Tautz, Privett '17; Photo by Luis M, Privett '18

2017 has been an outstanding year in the Halls of Blue. Although I think it is fair to say that either facilities or the school administration turned down the heat in Privett in the fall, a select group of young men entered in September, ready to take on anything and we have turned it back up! From Day One, every grade stepped up to their individual challenges: for the Grade 9s it was to bother the duty prefects as much as humanly possible; for the Grade 10s it was to assure everyone how much more mature they were than the Grade 9s. The Grade 11s have come a long way, but they still have a long way to go if they want to be leaders like this year’s Grade 12s were. ;-)

Under the lead of Sports Captain Rhys Nielsen, Privett charged ahead right from the first Interhouse competition and maintained the top spot. It has been a long time since this last happened, but it couldn’t have happened without a truly unheard-of miracle: Privett topping the Interhouse tables in effort ratings. These accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed, and Privett hoodies (and everything they include) were once again the hottest commodity on campus.

Despite our teachers’ first impressions, we have achieved maximum results with efficient effort, and the duty masters this year were struggling to keep up with the boys. One who mastered the challenge was David “Danger” Brown, our RFA and probably the single-most attractive bald man I have ever come across. He will be sorely missed next year when it will require true strength and skill to control a bunch of Privett seniors pretending to be as masterful as the Class of '17.

To sum up Privett’s year in one sentence is easy: no tighter band of brotherhood can be found on campus. It is easy to hide behind a bull, to ride imaginary unicorns, or to rob the poor and helpless as a pirate, but to proudly wear a ram on your chest needs men of character, and this year we were blessed with 66 of the best.

Bleed Blue.

Lion H. Tautz, Privett '17

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