Printed, Pressed, And The Biggest Book Yet

Sunday, May 30, 2021 - By: Maddy W, Hope ‘21, Yearbook Co-Captain

After eight months of determined hard work, the yearbook team is proud to announce that the largest book in Brentwood history has been completed - in one of the strangest years. The final week of production turned into a blur of frenzied editing, excited meetings to visualize the final product, and last minute page number mix ups. Thanks to the incredible effort of the yearbookers and our fearless leaders Mr Ganley and Ms Rusman, Brentwood’s book was the first of the year to be received by Friesens, our printing company, and well on its way to being in the hands of all the amazing students featured within it.

Just one of the aspects of our yearbook that makes it so special is that 100% of the student population are included in at least one layout. But, with 288 pages completed, the yearbook team’s work is not over yet. We still have several more end-of-year events and many more smiles to document within the additional 32 pages of the supplement that is printed and sent out to grads and non-returning students over the course of the summer, and handed to returning students in the beginning of the next academic year.

"The Brentwood community, from Covid team, to staff, to parents, to every single student, has been hugely successful in thriving within the limits of Covid 19 mitigation strategies, but there have been conditions on so many things - we haven't been 100%. The Yearbook team sent Covid a message of defiance: we would exceed expectations” encourages Mr Ganley, as he has coached the team to do from the very beginning of the year, through any and all challenges we faced.

It is largely this incredible encouragement and enthusiasm from all the yearbookers that enabled us to complete such a feat as increasing our page count as our opportunities for events decreased. This year’s book includes all sports teams and fine arts, with additional coverage of school clubs and academic highlights such as the Grade 8 program, Grade 9 adventure week, Meta 9, tutorials and more. Boarding life is documented in every way possible through Interhouse and SAC event layouts, and the new addition of a grad “Most Likely To” page that struck quite some excitement amongst possible “cutest couples” and “future olympians” of the 2021 class.

Yearbook Co-Captain Zoya M, Allard ‘21 echoes the sentiments felt by all the yearbookers, “Having the yearbook done is a huge relief, and one that could not be felt without the dedication of the team as a whole.” This fine art is one of the few that has such strict deadlines and necessity for attention to detail, which is at times frustrating, but truly brings our group of motivated students together under a common goal.

Veteran yearbooker Bright A, Privett ‘21 reiterates this melancholic feeling, saying he is “proud to have participated in several monumental moments in yearbook history, from the struggles of designing yearbook pages in the confines of my own bedroom because of COVID-19, to working with the team to produce the biggest yearbook in Brentwood history”, the completion of the Covid yearbooks was an experience to remember.

The finale of this year’s book could not be complete without the honouring of our latest addition to the yearbook team, Ms Rusman, who spent countless hours catching our mistakes and guiding us through tricky graphic design questions. Perhaps her most tedious task, but most exciting for the audience, was the 40 page grad layout where each graduating student can showcase their leadership accomplishments, memories, last words, future plans, who they are most thankful for, along with the ever-flattering graduation photos and a candid of their choice. For the grads, these pages are our final legacy and memory of our time at Brentwood, and we are hugely thankful to Ms Rusman for lending her time and effort into giving us this place in Brentwood history to leave our mark.

The real finale took place in McNeill’s on Friday, May 21st, where, before gritting down to layouting the final events of the year, the yearbook team indulged in some well-deserved festivities including an icecream cake. “Take that Covid!” exclaimed Mr Ganley, the yearbook team has bested you!

Maddy W, Hope ‘21, Yearbook Co-Captain

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