Prep for Provies

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ‘23; Photo by Sophie H, Hope '21

Ups and downs, makes and misses, through the struggles of a game our team sticks together. The Junior Girls’ Basketball team is a family, a well-oiled machine, all relying on each other at some point or another. Over the first two days of midterm break, 12 of some of Brentwood’s top junior girl athletes participated in the Vancouver Island Championships.

In the past, Islands were a rather stressful time for the junior girls. Having already qualified for provincials a few weeks ago, however, this tournament was a chance for Brentwood to get some good minutes against fast and able competitors.

The girls started the weekend off in the library. “Jocks in the library? What?” As astonishing as it might sound, the team decided to get two hours of prep done so they could get ahead given they will be missing almost a week of classes for provincials. After their prep, the girls headed to the Foote Centre to watch their opponents play. Scouting all finished, the team left to go Uptown to grab a quick pre-game snack.

Back at the Foote Centre an hour before game time, the team was hyped. They knew they were playing Belmont, the ninth-best team in the province, and it would be a tough game. At the end of the first half, Brentwood was up by 9, but entering the fourth quarter Brentwood was faced with some foul trouble due to some interesting reffing. After a tough fight, Brentwood ended up losing by four points.

Having lost a game, the girls gave themselves a much harder journey through the bracket for the rest of the weekend. Grit overflowed as they headed into their second game against the equally gritty team from Pacific Chirstian. The team was determined to win this one after their close loss. “We got a little worked up at times but it was all ok in the end” said Miranda NP, Alex ‘20. This was a great way to put it. The ladies battled hard to come out with a 15 point win.

Heading into their third contest, the team knew this game was their ride or die. Unfortunately, right off the bat Nanaimo District SS was hitting unbelievable shots. An off-balance running floater from the 3 point line was just one of the shots that their coaches were astounded by. “This was our best game of the season and we made some of the flukiest shots of the tournament” exclaimed the NDSS Head Coach. The girls battled hard until the last minute, bringing NDSS’s lead down from a whopping 23 points to seven.

Losing your last game of any tournament is hard, but the girls were happy to get in some tough games before they head to provincials on February 25th.

See you in Langley.

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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