Poetry In Voice

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Yasmeen G, Allard ‘17

Poetry memorization is a bit of a lost art. In an age when every line of any verse is mere keyboard strokes away, memorization is not as commonplace as it once was. Since the 1950s, poem memorization has slowly faded from schools and classrooms. In recent years, however, some have pushed for poetry’s return, and are once again advocating the value of learning (and keeping) a poem by one’s heart.

Poetry in Voice, a Canada-wide high school poetry recitation competition, has played a part in this resurgence. Brentwood’s own Glory C, Mackenzie, ‘18 submitted video recordings of three recitations for the English stream of the competition: “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Walking Both Sides of an Invisible Border” by Alootook Ipellie, and a chilling performance of “Wolf Lake” by Elizabeth Bachinsky.

After being judged and scored by a panel, Glory’s stirring and soulful performances have earned her a spot as one of eighteen students in her stream who have qualified for the National Finals in Toronto. She will fly, all expenses paid, in April to the two-day event. We congratulate her and wish her all the best in the final round to come.

Yasmeen G, Allard ‘17

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