Please Keep Our Beaches Clean!

Friday, November 29, 2019 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

As humans continue to pollute our environment with garbage, we are faced with not only an expectation to properly dispose of our own waste, but also a duty to clean up after others. With this policy in mind, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) recently participated in a beach clean up at one of the stunning locations along the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Jordan River is a classic West Coast beach: rocky, wind-swept, and its rolling waves make it a popular surfing destination. On Sunday morning, a group of students dedicated to both experiencing and cleaning up their local beaches boarded a bus. Arriving at the beach by shortly after 10:00am, we joined a group of other enthusiastic community members, headed by the Vancouver Island Surfrider Foundation, which facilitates garbage cleanups up and down the Island.

We spent a few hours walking along the beach, scanning for plastic, tiny bits of scattered styrofoam, metal, and any other materials that do not belong on a beach. At the end of the clean up, our group returned to the main Surfrider “camp”, and added our garbage to that collected by other team members. The results were impressive, and left the beach significantly cleaner than we found it. After sorting the waste into respective piles, we all celebrated with hot chocolate and warm soup. Assistant BEAT rep Edgar S, Rogers ‘21, commented that it was “fun, and nice to get off campus”.

Not wanting to miss out on any opportunity to see the nature around us, we made a brief stop at Sandcut Falls, another incredible beach, on our way back to campus. After a short hike in, we got to explore a similar but less accessible beach, as well as the top and even under a small waterfall!

Tired from a day outdoors, and feeling content in our contribution to keeping our Island clean, we returned to Brentwood in time for dinner. Thank you to the Surfrider Foundation for all they work they do, and to Ms Richardson and the BEAT for facilitating the participation in this event for Brentwood students!

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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