Playing “Friendly” with the Rivals

Saturday, June 01, 2013 - By: Sydney M-W, Mackenzie ’15

Wednesday the 23rd was quite the sight to see as the Brentwood Junior Girls Soccer team hosted 3 mini games on home turf against Shawnigan. It was ½ field and there were no offsides. Brentwood had no choice but to prove that, although the league was over, we could still defeat Shawnigan in our sleep. 

I believe that the girls were stronger than ever. We even put Isabel R, Mackenzie ’15 and Katlan S, Allard ’16 in net! During the first game Brentwood dominated with a whopping 4-1 win. The girls were on fire and running high on confidence by the time the 25 minutes was up. 

In the second game, unfortunately, Shawnigan caught us off guard and managed to defeat us 2-1. I like to think that this was our wake-up call and in the next game we battled hard to get another victory under our belts, but Shawnigan seemed to have a sudden increase in excitement and somehow managed to put 4 balls in past our “brick wall” of a goalie Hannah W, Allard ’15. Luckily Shawnigan wasn’t the only one with 4 balls in the net. We did too.

Our only problem was that, for some strange reason, Referee / Soccer Coach / English Department Head / ‘Grit and Joy’ spokesman Mr. Paul Collis did not call for a shootout. 

There we had it, a nail-biting tie that will not be broken until we re-visit Shawnigan next spring when the girls’ soccer season starts up again. These games were short, sweet, and exhilarating and you could tell that everyone had a great time. Thanks, Mr. C!

Sydney M-W, Mackenzie ’15 

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