Piggy Left, Piggy Left!

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - By: Jose G, Privett ‘18

The U18 Cowichan Piggies Rugby team was comprised mostly by Brentwood students this fall and we had a hard, but successful, season. The team had some difficulty throughout the season due to injuries but this gave us the opportunity to play in different positions allowing us more playing experience and more knowledge about the game. 

Some weekends the team would be short on numbers, but we still managed to win three games out of five, placing second on the Island. This was a great opportunity for the Brentwood boys to improve and come together as a team. 

Now all the boys are practicing and getting ready for third term, and the provincial championship in June. Thanks to Mr Thompson and Mr Flynn for their excellent coaching.

Jose G, Privett ‘18

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