Saturday, December 09, 2017 - By: Luke H, Whittall ‘18; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '20

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, for four creative hours, the photography studio located on the ground floor Centre for Art and Humanities is filled with the hustle and bustle of students dreaming of becoming the next Ansel Adams, moving around between studios, developing rooms, dark rooms, and the great outdoors.

Our beautiful campus provides a picturesque background to any aspiring photographer’s project: the changing of the seasons and unpredictable weather make each day a new adventure, and each photo a new story. 

With more than 120 students in photography across four arts block, there are many passionate photographers who find inspiration in different ways. There are also countless reasons to enjoy photography. Hallie B, Alexandra ‘20 observed “I like photography because you use your own artistic abilities and you get to play to your strengths.” 

As first term winds down, students are still shooting in rain or shine, eagerly creating projects under the guidance of the outline which gives them power to flex their creative muscles. The fall colours have given a plethora of backdrops for photos, and has produced some of the finest works the department has seen. This school year will produce some great photos, which will be showcased later in the year. Until then, we will remain busy trying to capture more.


Luke H, Whittall ‘18

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