Peru 2014 and Beyond

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - By: Ian McPherson

Peru 2014! Sounds like a brilliant sports tour doesn’t it? In fact, unlike other Brentwood tours this one isn’t rugby, soccer or even field hockey, it is our first school lead service trip.

Twenty-four adventurous and charitable students led by Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Quinton and Mrs. Felix started March Break with the long journey to Cusco, Peru for a two week trip in support of Mosqoy ( Mosqoy is a charity that works with remote indigenous communities, to provide economic development while nurturing threatened indigenous culture. Ultimately, the students will be involved in setting up a new learning dormitory for students of the local Cusco indigenous Quechuan community.

As a school, we believe the benefits of this type of experience for our students are limitless. Students’ perceptions will be changed as they are exposed to different cultures and those in different socio-economic circumstances. Empathy will grow and seeds of stewardship and charity will be planted for a lifetime. Better global citizenship benefits us all; on campus and beyond.

Students have also recognized the trip’s value as over 40 students applied to go to Peru. While this is the only service trip on the books for the current school year, next year we have two service trips slotted including one to India. Global exposure for our students isn’t limited to service trips, in fact next year the school has over 14 trips planned, including the aforementioned service trips, 4 academic tours, 2 arts tours, and 6 sports tours. A busy year ahead!

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