Perfect Prefect Preparation

Sunday, July 19, 2015 - By: Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

“What do I do? Do they need hugs? Do they want hugs? Do they hate me?”

I am not a motherly type. I have already sworn that I will never have children, but instead provide a home to 20+ cats. However - as a Grade 11 student - I am now being trained in the ways of being a loving and caring prefect. This special leadership position includes tucking in the Grade 9 and 10 students at their respective bedtimes, which, up until now, I had no idea how to do.

Thanks to my mentors - my ‘torch passers’ Benny Jean C, Alex ’15 and Andrea A, Alex ’15—I am not completely floundering in my Alex House Prefect duties. I have now nearly mastered the ‘Please-please-clean-up-so-I-don’t-have-to-fail-you-and-subsequently-feel-like-a-terrible-human-being’ maneuver during morning inspection as well as the ‘I-hope-you’re-doing-English-not-watching-Netlix’ glare and eyebrow raise combo that comes in handy when patrolling the hallways during prep.

I wasn’t completely sure that I knew all of the girls in my house (don’t tell Mrs. Mais, please) but thankfully having to do sign-in has proven to me that I, in fact, did. Of course I’ll have to learn a dozen or more new names in the fall, but I’ll figure that out then! Maybe I’ll luck out like last year with three Emmas, or like this year with three Hannahs (and one Hanna). 

One thing that I really appreciate about this prefect training experience is that I’m getting to know the younger grades in my house much better. Hopefully this will help me to connect to the new Grade 9s and 10s in September.

When I was in Grade 9 one of my best experiences and memories was the close bond I had with the seniors in my house - in particular Emilia G, Alex ’13 and Jo L, Alex ’14. I spent a possibly ridiculous amount of time clinging to, talking with, and occupying those two girls’ rooms last year and the year before. It is because of them that I hope to build strong bonds with the juniors next year. They both provided me with a role model, a big sister, a guide, a mentor and a friend. I hope that can provide for others what they provided for me.

With two nights of duty with one of my torch passers supervising me and two nights of duty on my own under my metaphorical belt, I can now say with confidence that I am ready to be a Grade 12. Well, at least in the house (academic readiness to be determined in September).

Resting up so I can be an energetic prefect in the Fall,

Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

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