Paying it Forward

Sunday, February 19, 2017 - By: Dale F, Brentwood ‘21; Photo by Jim Ganley

This past Wednesday, February 8th, Grade 8s Callum M, David L and I, Dale F, took on the task of teaching the school about how to pay it forward. Initially, Callum, David and I thought it was a boring, useless topic, but we soon learned it was far from that. 

Paying it forward is essentially doing kind things for others in the hopes that it will inspire him or her to do something kind for someone else. We presented this to the Brentwood student body in the form of a video, written and directed by us, and brought to life by the rest of the Grade 8 class. This was a very rewarding topic to learn about, especially in these gray days of winter. Below is the video we presented, in hopes of inspiring not only Brentwood students, but also anyone reading this article, to spread the word of paying it forward.

Dale F, Brentwood ‘21

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