Pacific Debate Championships

Monday, July 10, 2017 -

In late May a large number of Brentwood’s formidable debate club journeyed onto the mainland to partake in the Pacific Debate Championships. With nail-bitten fingers and colossal stacks of notes, we prepared to thwart the opposition with our clever arguments. The debaters began their journey by first traipsing through the Tsawwassen Mills Mall, which for many of them, was the highlight of the trip. After a few hours of retail therapy, nerves were eased and the debaters were all able to bond on the gruelling bus rides and at the hotel. 

The next morning, we trekked to the tournament, seeming like the most pretentious group of hitchhikers this world has ever seen. The moment was finally upon us, the one that we had been working towards for weeks. Juniors were able to prepare ahead of time for a resolution opposing dams. Seniors however, were given a few broad themes ranging from labour to military and even to the Chinese government. With brains crowded with information, we headed into our first debate and began to exhibit our strong skills. 

Brentwood’s debaters put forth their most valiant efforts throughout the tournament and achieved commendable results. The senior category required an extensive knowledge of British Parliamentary style debate, one which many were unfamiliar with but soon came to dominate. One of the junior teams, Lila P and Jasleen G, had an extremely strong day and ended up debating their way to the junior finals. After a passionate and difficult debate they narrowly failed to prove that Donald Trump should not be impeached, and instead ended up as the second strongest junior debate team at the tournament. Unfortunately, the senior debate final was canceled, but Delaney B and David M ended up snagging the prestigious title of second place for the senior category. 

With a bus full of decorated debaters, we headed home. For many, the tournament was bittersweet, as it would be the last that they would partake in. It is to these debaters that we wish a heartfelt farewell. Thank you to all of the debaters for putting forth their most excellent efforts, and to Mr. Bryant and Ms. MacInnis for leading this successful trip.

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