Outsourcing Education

Sunday, November 14, 2010 -

I am currently staying at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai, one of the hotels attacked by terrorists in November of 2008.  In fact, 22 guests were killed on the floors just above me that day – a result of the gunfight and the ensuing fire that broke out.  Today, there is no evidence of any violence; other than the scanners and security at the entrance ways, it looks just like any another hotel.    India itself is in transformation; not just Mumbai and New Delhi, but many other cities around this massive country.

Education is extremely important to Indians and their education system, though complex, is highly regarded.  Within the last seven years the cost of boarding schools within India has skyrocketed; in many cases, it is almost on par with North American schools.  Suddenly there is opportunity and many Indians are curious about options beyond India itself, Singapore, Australia and the UK.

This is why I have come to India via Vietnam on my way to Germany.  Over the next 6 hours of the TABS Education Fair that begins in a few minutes, I will be meeting and interviewing young students from all over India seeking opportunity to study abroad.  Hopefully some of them will see the merit of a beautiful school named Brentwood College School in Mill Bay, British Columbia!

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