Outdoor Pursuits - Happy & Ready For The Day

Sunday, October 04, 2020 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

Whether we are kayaking down rivers or climbing up mountains, Outdoor Pursuits is always adventuring. “Outdoor pursuits might not be the largest group, nor the most celebrated, but it is definitely the most passionate,” says Jack P, Whittall ‘22.

On sports afternoons, adventurous Brentonians trek down to the kayak shack wearing wetsuits and rain jackets, ready for anything. We pull on our spray decks, life jackets and booties then haul our kayaks down to Brentwood’s breathtaking waterfront. Outdoor Pursuits is outside, rain or shine, so good preparation is important for an enjoyable sport afternoons.

The kindhearted but sometimes a little crazy characters in Outdoor Pursuits will make you smile even on the rainiest of days. They really do transform grit into joy. As we launch our kayaks, the water glistens with colourful reflections of kayaks and shining grey skies. The seagulls caw as the smell of the ocean dampens the afternoon air. We don’t just go kayaking though.

Camping Trips and hiking are also important parts of Outdoor Pursuits. This year though, our camping trips may look a little different because of the Corona Virus. Everyone participating in Outdoor Pursuits has their assigned kayak, life jacket, wetsuit, and spray deck so that we can help stop the spread of the virus. After each use, our kayaks are sprayed with bleach water to sanitize the high-touch areas. Given these protocols, we hope to get some socially distanced camping trips and hikes in this school year.

One of the many benefits of being in Outdoor Pursuits is spending time in nature. It is proven that nature can reduce stress and make you happier so outside activities are great for your health. “After Outdoor Pursuits, I always feel happier and ready for the rest of the day,” says Jenny L, Alex ‘23. In the end, this crazy, hilarious, outgoing group will make your day, every day.

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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